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The project seeks to build an archive encompassing various forms, shapes, and textures to establish a library of recurring visual patterns and themes, effectively forming a kind of graphical notation. These notations are discovered during the process of compiling a sequence of drawings and sketches. The accumulated and weathered layers within these drawings will shape these gathered maps and patterns, serving as the foundation for assembling other mixed-media drawings and paintings. A crucial aspect of this process involves tracing the evolving structures and repeating visual elements essential to realizing the artworks.

By outlining key research areas and objectives, the project's body of work constitutes an interconnected ecosystem where each stage of generation, interpretation, and creation significantly impacts other elements within the system. This creates a set of guidelines to construct or modify the overarching arrangements of form across multiple levels, starting from the visual materials' creation to their transformation into textured maps with layers interacting within the evolving image levels. Consequently, these visuals will also draw guidance from the same set of guidelines used to create the initial mixed media source materials, albeit interpreted from a different standpoint.

indirect drawing
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